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34th Christian leaders' Roundtable: 8 flashpoints

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"The only thing worse than having no sight is having no vision."

Blind and deaf activist Helen Keller said these words to awaken us to be change agents in America. And when we have a sense of urgency we're more motivated to search for a vision of a preferable future. Senior prophetic leader Bobby Connor said God gave him one word for our 2022 Roundtable: URGENCY!

Every year for almost three and a half decades, this gathering of Christian leaders comes together to discover God's vision for the times in which we live. We also come to deepen friendships and spend time in intercessory prayer.

I consider it an honor to be one of the leaders invited. The Roundtable better equips us to guide those whom we serve. Over the years some of those hosted by senior prophetic leader Rick Joyner have included Bob Jones, Steve Strang, Dr. Michael Brown, Wellington Boone, Mike Bickle, Lou Engle, Ricky Skaggs, Cindy Jacobs, Lance Wallnau, retired Gen. Jerry Boykin, Bob Weiner, Janet Porter, Bobby Connor, Ramiro Pena, Mark Nuttle and Jim Bakker among other distinguished servants of God.

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Themes for Our Time

After a relaxed, informal dinner together, we usually gather to submit what issues we believe should be at the forefront for biblically informed discussion and prayer. This year some of the following were submitted:

  • Centrality of Jesus/priority of the Gospel
  • Censorship and the corrupt media
  • Putin, Russia and Ukraine invasion
  • Communist China's expanding influence
  • Increasing tyranny and the truckers convoy
  • Call to fight for our God-given, constitutional freedoms under assault
  • Alarming millennial generation data
  • Widespread "progressive" Marxist/socialist propaganda
  • Biden/radical leftist Democratic Party policies
  • Another Civil War and/or a Second American Revolution?

8 Takeaways

1. Because of comfortable, complacent and cowardly "Christianity," the church may be successful numerically, but we are unsuccessful influentially, especially with the millennials, who represent the largest generation in our history. The First and Second Great Awakenings, Azusa Street Revival, Jesus Movement and the Brownsville Revival had common denominators of humility, holiness and hunger for God that must be recovered as we claim the promise of 2 Chronicles 7:14.

2. "Democracy Dies in Darkness" is the motto of the Washington Post, which broke the Watergate scandal, yet today we live in a country with corrupt corporate media slanting the news or ignoring major stories like Hillary's campaign spying on President Trump while heralding the hoax of Russian collusion. Our assignment is to act aggressively in bringing truth via alternative media such as Trump's just launched TRUTH Social app, which garnered 1.5 billion views in 24 hours and had a waiting list on day one of 400,000!

3. Bob Jones prophesied years ago that "When the honkers honk, the eagles will fly." Is this being fulfilled on our watch as the Canadian truckers Freedom Convoy makes noise (like Canada geese) inspiring us Americans to act? We see with clarity growing threats of tyranny surrounding us as seen by our Canadian neighbors with Trudeau's insulting remarks and brutal emergency powers inflicted against Ottawa's peaceful protesters. Watch the bogus narrative demonizing and dismissing thousands of truckers coming to D.C.: "They're all part of that Jan. 6 insurrection!"

4. Vladimir Putin is a sociopathic, narcissistic despot and former KGB chieftain who wants to restore "Mother Russia." He's almost a billionaire whose "love partner" resides in Monaco (underneath the casino from a James Bond movie) where she oversees his stash. Russians suffered as he not long ago invaded Crimea (under Obama who did nothing) and now with a weak Joe Biden invaded Ukraine with more territorial expansion in mind. It's worth noting that during Trump's years neither China nor Russia made any such moves.

5. Distinguished Gen. Boykin, vice president at Family Research Council, charged all of us to be courageous and "Brace yourself like a man!" (Job 38:3). In Revelation 21 the first ones thrown into the lake of fire are the cowards, and in these critical times we must remember Jesus said He's returning not like a Lamb but a Lion! Winston Churchill said he'd "rather have 100 sheep led by a lion than 100 lions led by a sheep." We must speak up boldly and stand up courageously as the battle is not coming but has already begun!

6. It's time for all of us to fight for our freedoms! Radical progressives are aggressively trying to take away our constitutional, God-given rights, and we must remember that these rights come from God not from government. Patriots are exposing and confronting Black Lives Matter Marxists and LGBTQ activists in schools (in leftist San Francisco, parents ousted three school board members); our Tennessee Christian governor is putting Hillsdale College Judeo-Christian civics curriculum in all our K-12 schools (as well as in 50 new charter schools!); Roundtable participant Janet Porter, who pioneered "Heartbeat Bills" saving millions of babies, is running for Congress in Ohio, and former Prison Fellowship director Garland Hunt's son Jeremy is doing the same in Georgia! No more passive pastors and people submitting to the "fear of man," afraid to address same sex-marriage, socialism and the sanctity of life!

7. Barna research uncovered that almost half of millennials support socialism over capitalism as Marxism is also deceiving millions. Senior prophetic leader Rick Joyner shared from his latest book, "Marxism Strategy for Destroying America," how this insidious system has murdered more than 100 million of their own citizens to purge potential nonconformists just in the 20th century alone. We must root out this anti-God ideology propagandized by Black Lives Matter and leftist professors to see it vanquished from our land.

8. While we love and pray for the Chinese people, we must expose the totalitarian Chinese Communist government that has carried out under Chairman Mao's "Cultural Revolution" the deportation and destruction of millions. China's leaders are preparing to take over Taiwan (having seen Biden's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan). As corporations and celebrities "sell their soul," putting profit over principle, patriotic and freedom-loving Americans must speak out against massive human rights abuses in China along with the persecution of Christians, Buddhists and other faith groups, as the Chinese Communist Party conducts the genocide of a million Muslims.

Here's the deal: We concluded our Roundtable with a Spirit-led, extended time of intercessory prayer and some prophetic words. As watchmen on the wall we must take seriously what's happening in our day and recognize a second American Revolution may be at hand. We must get our house in order as we "hasten and look forward to" (2 Peter 3:12) the coming of our conquering King! [Watch this week's video on Charisma News titled "Week in Review: 10 Takeaways from Roundtable".]


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