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Black women feel sting of ‘traumatizing’ Jackson hearings

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Black women feel sting of ‘traumatizing’ Jackson hearings The Associated Press ^ By AARON MORRISON and LISA MASCARO

Posted on 3/26/2022, 1:51:36 PM by Oldeconomybuyer

NEW YORK (AP) — “Senator,” she said, letting out an audible sigh.

In that singular moment, Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson spoke for countless Black women who have had to gather all the patience, strength and grace within to answer insinuating questions about their credentials, qualifications and character.

It was Day One of questioning at the Senate Judiciary Committee as the Harvard-educated Jackson, the first Black woman to be nominated for the nation’s highest court, was making history.

The federal judge had to endure hours of public scrutiny from skeptics, namely the Republican senators who are erecting a wall of opposition to her landmark nomination, the first in the court’s 233-year history, and may vote en bloc against her confirmation.

“It was really traumatizing to watch,” said Melanie L. Campbell, president and CEO of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation and convener of the Black Women’s Roundtable.

From questioning of Jackson’s view of books on critical race theory that drew her exasperated sigh — “They don’t come up in my work as a judge,” she said — to the loaded suggestion that the sentences she imposed on child pornography defendants were too lenient, the questions from the Republicans tapped into long-standing American grievances over race, class and public safety.

The insinuations that Jackson, a distinguished jurist and mother of two, is a secret radical liberal or poses a danger to the safety of children felt to some supporters as yet another example of highly qualified Black women having to endure indignities and distortions of their credentials, even as they shatter racial barriers in American society.

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To: Oldeconomybuyer

Oh, SHUT UP! Did white women feel it after the Comey hearings? Such BS

2 posted on 3/26/2022, 1:52:56 PM by Puppage (You may disagree with what I have to say, but I shall defend to your death my right to says it.)

To: Oldeconomybuyer

The treatment of Brett Kavanaugh was much more respectful.

3 posted on 3/26/2022, 1:53:16 PM by brookwood

To: Oldeconomybuyer

But men falsely accused of rape were not traumatized by the abject LIES and FALSEHOODS being spread during the Kavanaugh hearings?

The people who put this nonsense forward are scum.

4 posted on 3/26/2022, 1:53:39 PM by Erik Latranyi (We are being played by forces most do not understand)

5 posted on 3/26/2022, 1:54:59 PM by TnTnTn

To: Oldeconomybuyer


6 posted on 3/26/2022, 1:55:00 PM by Rummyfan (In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Suppo)

To: Oldeconomybuyer

The lamestream media never tells the truth. It only lies

7 posted on 3/26/2022, 1:55:07 PM by no-to-illegals (The enemy has US surrounded. May God have mercy on them)

To: Oldeconomybuyer

It’ll pass when she’s confirmed.

8 posted on 3/26/2022, 1:55:12 PM by DoodleDawg

To: Oldeconomybuyer

The propaganda from AP is never ending.

I saw a lot of black women yesterday. They were just fine and not sitting home clutching their pearls over K Jackson.

The black news channel went kaput yesterday because no one was watching. The same needs to happen to the rest of our media.

9 posted on 3/26/2022, 1:55:41 PM by dforest

To: brookwood

10 posted on 3/26/2022, 1:56:27 PM by Mr. Mojo

To: Oldeconomybuyer

Black women

Pedophiles feel sting of ‘traumatizing’ Jackson hearings

Fixed it.

11 posted on 3/26/2022, 1:56:42 PM by MuttTheHoople (The best slaves put their own chains on )

To: Oldeconomybuyer

Oh please. 1 out of 10 people can’t even name three Supreme Court justices. Let alone even feeling sting.

12 posted on 3/26/2022, 1:57:12 PM by blackdog (Today's "disinformation" most often turns out to be tomorrow's facts. )

To: Oldeconomybuyer

Civil Rights leaders call for full examination of Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh’s record before confirmation

( WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Six prominent African-American civil rights leaders sent a letter today to Senate leaders to express their concern that the Senate is not meeting its responsibility to fully and impartially evaluate the fitness of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The letter, addressed to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley, demands that Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing be delayed until his full record has been carefully examined. “Our federal courts derive their legitimacy from the confidence of the people,” the letter says. “Any process that undermines the legitimacy of our courts, weakens the court in the eyes of the American people.” The civil rights leaders also requested a meeting with Senate leadership to discuss a process “to restore the faith and trust of the communities we represent in the Senate and the legitimacy of the Supreme Court confirmation process.” Senator Grassley recently announced that Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings will begin on September 4, even though large portions of his record – including documents pertaining to his time in the White House counsel’s office during the George W. Bush Administration – cannot be provided by the National Archives before that date. The letter was co-authored by Sherrilyn Ifill, President and Director-Counsel of LDF; Kristen Clarke, President and Executive Director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law; Marc Morial, President and CEO of the National Urban League; Derrick Johnson, President and CEO of the NAACP; Reverend Al Sharpton, President and Founder of the National Action Network; and Melanie L. Campbell, President and CEO of the National Coalition for Black Civic Participation and Black Women’s Roundtable. The NAACP is urging its members to write to their Senators to oppose Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court because of its view

13 posted on 3/26/2022, 1:57:20 PM by Fzob

To: Puppage

I think you meant Amy Coney Barrett.

14 posted on 3/26/2022, 1:57:47 PM by sauropod (Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.)

To: Oldeconomybuyer

As if Republicans are ever going to win the black women vote. They should target black men.

15 posted on 3/26/2022, 1:59:12 PM by Lisbon1940 (I don’t see why they would)

To: Oldeconomybuyer

Do they really think black women are tuning into these hearings?

Please. What a joke.

To: Oldeconomybuyer

Will these people EVER grow up???

17 posted on 3/26/2022, 1:59:33 PM by SMARTY (Republics decline into democracies democracies degenerate into despotisms. Aristotle)

To: sauropod

18 posted on 3/26/2022, 1:59:45 PM by Puppage (You may disagree with what I have to say, but I shall defend to your death my right to says it.)

To: DoodleDawg

With those offended vicariously by what they imagine should offend others because they can work themselves into snit fits IT NEVER ENDS.

Being constantly offended as the woke are is like diarrhea of the mind and heart: “oh, look at that!” *pbtpbtpppt* goes the mind.

19 posted on 3/26/2022, 1:59:50 PM by Rurudyne (Standup Philosopher)

To: Oldeconomybuyer

“The insinuations that Jackson, a distinguished jurist and mother of two, is a secret radical liberal or poses a danger to the safety of children...”

She’s not a “secret radical liberal”, she’s out in the open for everyone to see.

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